I was born in 1960 and I studied Fine Arts while I was working like a nurse in aHospital of Madrid. In 2009 with Jaime Buhigas in Tomillo Space, I came back with the colective creative experience in 2010. In that creative clases  I started my artisticexperience “Black Ground” ( Chernozen in ukranian) that had the Morfogenesis like the main factor of the creative process of The Memory colective in the society. The blackgrounds or lands are a kind of land that have being deposited on the floor and with the hot of the summer months and rain humidity maked that land one of the most fertile that could exist to use in agriculture

About my work

The memory of a nation, their faults and success , all that village has lived, could be actlike a stimulus for the hopeful future. So that, I try to colect the painful and forgottenpart like a strong silent duty that was our Spain civil war in a great metaphor buried, with the creative process, make  the light a good factor to build a good relationship


After the “ Holodomor” Exposition in RONDA SPACE ( 2016) in where I showed the facts happends in Ukraine between 1932 and 1933, I focused in the Spain Civil Warfocusing in the mass grave that lived in our country. 

“ San Pedro de Cardeña” in the ALDA CON LIMÓN local in 2017

“ Flores de Valdenoceda” in the LA NEOMUDEJAR in 2018

“5 elegías para carpio” in the art gallery San of the new museum of Zapadores” in 2021